Building a website

A little of my background –

I have been building website for numerous years, mostly for voluntarily for friends, small businesses, or non-profit groups. I started building websites in the 1990’s with the ole basic HTML, all self taught because I had a desire and interest. I added doing the CSS, than picked up a book on PHP. That only got me to the point where I decided to get at least my associate’s degree in computer information technologies, meaning more programming languages.┬áBut now back to websites!


After building websites from scratch, I decided to take a look at WordPress. Many people look at WordPress as for the blogger, but it can be an excellent Content Management System, along with makes it so much quicker to build a website. WordPress has many free pieces, themes, plug-ins, that offers so much simplicity to building a website. Now I do like that I know enough programming to tweak items, but you don’t need it to use WordPress.

So if you are looking for a personal or small business website, look at using WordPress —-